Event: Klanglicht in Graz

Last weekend there were light and sound works at various places in the center of Graz. We have collected a few impressions for you, if you want to see the #Klanglicht next year (free entry!):

From Freiheitsplatz via Sporgasse to the Dom im Berg. As always in Graz the Clocktower shows us the way.

Dom im Berg
The percussionist Raphael Meinhart has given a tribute to the inventor of minimal music, Steven Reich, in this "light cage".

A wonder: Instead of traffic jam many people walked around on the street that night. When the giant fish flew above our heads the mouth was wide open.

Oper Graz
Different, like Klanglicht: Viewers on the stage, singer in the audience area.

The mystical mood continues on the glass bridge.

For more information, please visit the Klanglicht website.

Yours sincerely,

Rafael Kaiser