Countless international business trips and overnight stays in hotels that claim to offer their customers a "home" even though they are far from home. One thing is clear for Raphael at this time: No hotel around the world can replace his home. Not even a little. And: it doesn’t even have to! 

How our Apartments at the Glockengasse are built, Part II/II 4/14/2017

The first of the 19 new Rafael Kaiser apartments at the Glockengasse are ready!


Our apartments in Graz - right in the city center 4/7/2017

Two apartments are located in the Arndtgasse in the district Jakomini and one apartment in the Fischergasse in the district Geidorf. More

How our Apartments at the Glockengasse are built, Part I/II 2/28/2017

At the Glockengasse in Vienna, Leopoldstadt, 19 ordinary apartments are currently converting to Rafael Kaiser apartments. Here is, what makes the difference:


19 new RAFAEL KAISER-apartments 2/23/2017

19 new Apartments will be opened in Vienna's Glockengasse in the 2nd district (Leopoldstadt) in April 2017.

Nine Central City Apartments at AKH Vienna 1/9/2017

Rafael Kaiser apartments at Antonigasse are just a short walk from the hospital area of AKH Vienna. They’re located in the 18th district of Vienna (Währing).

My first blog post 1/5/2017

Welcome! This is my first blog post and to be honest: I’m very nervous.