Top 6: Good food close to the Antonigasse

It’s not easy to recommend a few good cafes or inns because there are so many of them here in Vienna.

Therefore we restrict ourselves to those who are very close to our apartment house in the Antonigasse:

1. Zum Wirt
The traditional restaurant Zum Wirt is only 15 steps away on the opposite side of the road. Austrian cuisine is prepared here - freshly and really tasty. From Monday to Friday they offer menus for lunch, with three courses you spend less than ten euros.

2. Café Weimar
It is about 10 minutes walk to Währinger Straße 68, behind the AKH. The Weimar is a classic Viennese coffee house with restaurant, very dignified. You can find the classics here, such as the melange or a hot chocolate, fresh sweets, or delicious lunches. Sometimes even with live music ("concert cafe") in the evening. It is perfect for an extensive breakfast, a delicious lunch or a glass of sparkling wine before going to „Volksoper“ in the evening – it’s only a few steps away.

3. Natraj – Indian Cuisine
A few houses next to ours is the restaurant Natraj (Antonigasse 8). In addition to the typical Indian dishes as masala and curry, there are also special daily menus from EUR 6.90. In the summer the garden in the courtyard is very recommendable. Another advantage: Natraj also has a delivery service! If you do not want to leave your apartment, you can order via phone +43 1 909 22 88.

4. Restaurant Ganserlberg
A restaurant with international cuisine in Schubertstraße 15. Of course, they have Austrian food too: soups, casseroles and omelettes are on the menu, as well as delicious ice cream cups and apple sweets. Walking distance: about 10 minutes.

5. Centimeter VII (bei den Stadtbögen)
Typical Viennese inn with a wooden floor and a rustic atmosphere. The dishes as well: here you will be served homemade and good-middle-class food (cold and warm). The name „Centimeter“ comes from their sandwiches – the loafs are billed in centimeters.

6. Confectionary Alexander
Just a few hundred meters from the Antonigasse is the little pastry shop Alexander in the Martinstraße 68. There you can get everything from 7am in the morning for a breakfast in the apartment: besides homemade sweets and many other bread and pastries, they have butter, milk and drinks.

If you have already made good experiences and would like to make a recommendation, please contact us. We are always very grateful about tips that we can then pass on to our other guests.

phone: +43 1 40 22 604

Yours sincerely,
Rafael Kaiser