How our Apartments at the Glockengasse are built, Part I/II

At the Glockengasse in Vienna, Leopoldstadt, 19 ordinary apartments are currently converting to Rafael Kaiser apartments. Here is, what makes the difference:

Besides the quality of the building, the location is crucial when it comes to selecting a new object. Glockengasse is perfect for people who have to deal in the city center, no matter if they’re here for shopping or business.

As soon the location is selected, the planning and interior design begins. The apartments must correspond to the typical Rafael Kaiser style.

Every single apartment has to meet the needs of our guests. That is why, in the planning phase, we focus not only on the visual appearance, but also on functionality. Our guests usually stay longer than a couple of nights, so it’s important that they feel completely comfortable – whether they are working or cooking in the apartment. Workflows should be tailored to individual needs.

Interior Finish
The functional concept is put into practice: rooms are partitioned, new wiring laid, interior equipment purchased, bathrooms tiled, walls painted – almost looks like a Rafael Kaiser!

We will be finished in the next few weeks. We hope you have just as much fun clicking as we have while building!

Yours sincerely,
Rafael Kaiser